For the first time in the history of the Ellen White W1YL Award, there are two recipients of the award.  The Ellen White W1YL Award was established in 2016 in memory of Ellen White W1YL, who recently became a Silent Key in November of 2022.  The Ellen White W1YL Award is to name the amateur radio operator who has made the greatest contribution to amateur radio in the ARRL West Central Florida Section.

The 2022 Ellen White W1YL Award recipients are Tom Chance K9XV and Chuck Johnston W4CWJ. Tom Chance K9XV, being active in Charlotte County ARES since he moved here following retirement in 2015, has been the ARRL Emergency Coordinator for Charlotte County since April 2021.  Chance led Charlotte County ARES in its response to the landfall of Hurricane Ian in late September of 2021 and early October of 2022, which occurred in Charlotte County.  Charlotte County ARES remained in service for two weeks following landfall.  Chuck Johnston W4CWJ, Assistant Section Manager for Rural Communities since February 2021, is the coordinator for the Sarasota Agricultural Recovery Group (SARG) since its inception in 2010, obtained his amateur radio license in 2015, and successfully integrated amateur radio into SARG.  In addition, Johnston led SARG in the recovery following the landfall of Hurricane Ian, and planned the exercises “High and Dry” in 2021 and “High and Dry – Part 2”, earlier in 2022.  For detailed biographies of Chance please go to http://arrlwcf.org/news/2021/07/29/wcf-section-press-release-21-35/ and for Johnston please go to http://arrlwcf.org/news/2021/03/15/wcf-section-press-release-21-12/.

Mike Douglas W4MDD, Section Manager of the ARRL West Central Florida Section, made the following comments about Chance and Johnston receiving the 2022 Ellen White W1YL Award, “This year we had three nominees for this annual award. They were Thomas Chance, K9XV, Charles Johnston, W4CWJ and Paul Toth, NB9X. Paul Toth had sent a glowing and heart felt letter in support of Tom Chance.  As this was a very challenging Hurricane season and the three candidates were all deserving of the Ellen White Award. It was a tough call as who should receive the award. As Section Manager I have made the decision to award both Charles Johnston and Thomas Chance the Ellen White Award for 2022. I and on behalf, I’m sure, most if not all Amateurs in West Central Florida Section owe a very large thanks to Paul, Chuck and Tom for their yeoman efforts, this extreme year.”

The ARRL West Central Florida Section congratulates Tom Chance K9XV and Chuck Johnston W4CWJ on being named the 2022 Ellen White W1YL Award recipients.  The 2022 Ellen White W1YL Award will be presented at the ARRL forum during the Tampa Bay Hamfest on Saturday December 10, 2022.  The West Central Florida Group, the owners and operators of the NI4CE Repeater System, have sponsored a one year ARRL membership for one of the recipients, and an anonymous donor has sponsored a one year ARRL membership for the other recipient.

For all the details and history of the Ellen White W1YL Award you may go to http://arrlwcf.org/wcf-special-events/white-award/.