Other ARRL Sections In Our Division

ARRL Southeastern Division

The ARRL West Central Florida Section is part of the ARRL Southeastern Division, which is one of 15 divisions in the ARRL.  For more information on the Southeastern Division go to:

ARRL Southeastern Division website


There are two other ARRL Sections in the State of Florida.  The ARRL West Central Florida Section was, for the most part, originally part of the ARRL Southern Florida Section until the ARRL West Central Florida Section came into existence on January 15, 2000.   Pasco County was part of the ARRL Northern Florida Section joined the ARRL West Central Florida in March of 2000.

ARRL Northern Florida Section

ARRL Southern Florida Section



There are four other sections in our division that are outside of the State of Florida.  Including the three State of Florida sections, there are seven sections total in the ARRL Southeastern Division:

ARRL Alabama Section website

ARRL Georgia Section website

ARRL Puerto Rico Section website

ARRL Virgin Island Section website