The ARES EC Reports are posted below.  I apologize for the misinformation on number of counties that reported for June; I mistakenly included some of the reports from May in my first download of the reports.

Please contact me if I have reported something incorrectly; sometimes my editing goes awry!


First Name Last Name Callsign County Position Filing Report Email Total number of ARES Volunteers Number of ARES NETS each month Number of NETS with NTS Liaisons (not including Monday Section ARES NET) Number of drills, tests, and training sessions this reporting period Total number of hours conducting drills, tests, and training sessions this reporting period Number of public service events this reporting period Total number of hours conducting public service events in this reporting period Number of emergency operations this reporting period Total number of hours conducting emergency operations this reporting period Summary of Activities for the Month (Optional) Questions or Comments for Section ARES Staff
Darrell Davis KT4WX Hardee EC kt4wx@arrl.net 8 4 4 2 3.5 0 0 0 0 Held monthly Hardee County ARES Meeting on Tuesday June 6th with four ARES members present.  Meeting lasted for 1 hour.  Total volunteer hours for meeting:  4 hours.

N4EMH, the amateur radio station at the Hardee County EOC, participated in quarterly communications test with the State EOC via the SARNet on Friday June 30th.  Following the communications test, three Hardee County ARES personnel that were present conducted training on setting up Yaesu handheld radios to communicate via APRS and on Yaesu System Fusion mode, including text messaging on both modes.  Total volunteer time 7.5 hours.

Two ARES members were appointed Official Emergency Stations during the month  of June:  Mike Douglas W4MDD and Steve Muller KM4VRK.  KM4VRK is working on a mobile communications station in a small trailer and W4MDD is completing his ICS courses and completed SKYWARN training.

Conducted four sessions of the Hardee Count ARES Net on June 5, 12, 19, and 26. Total number of checkins for the month was 20 stations and total net time was 496 minutes.  Total volunteer time was 8.2 hours.

Jim Stewart W4XDS Polk Designee W4XDS@outlook.com 59 4 4 4 45 0 0 0 0 Held 4 Nets with an average of 24 check-ins per net, 93 in total.  Our monthly ARES meeting was held on June  22nd with 19 attendees.  Andrew Stevens, WX4AMS, did a talk on a visit to the Storm Prediction Center.

Several members attended Field Day activities held by the local clubs.

Verne Betlach K4VEB Fl Designee Vbetlach@gmail.com 112 8 4 8 8 0 0 0 0
Ruth Kliment N3RWK Charlotte Designee kliment2FL@comcast.net 20 1 0 3 81 3 189 0 0 The Charlotte County ARES RACES group held a training session on June 14 which utilized 11 operators at 5 locations to exchange 99 messages (89 were digital).  The June 29 drill utilized 8 operators at 6 locations, exchanging 122 messages (110 were digital).  An additional digital training session was held at Englewood Community Hospital.  Many of our members took part in Field day preparations, publicity, set up, break down & some operated all 24 hrs!  These activities increased our number of hours served in June to 271.
Gary MENTRO N3OS Pasco EC N3os@arrl.net 31 4 4 1 27 0 0 0 0
Randy Payne K4EZM Highlands EC k4ezm@arrl.net 28 8 4 1 1 1 5 0 0 Participated in county Hurricane Seminar with an ARES exhibit; spoke with a number of attendees at this event.  Held 4 repeater and 4 simplex nets.  Began process of obtaining ARES shirts for members (to be completed in next fiscal year for the EOC).  Participated with Highlands County Amateur Radio Club in Field Day at the EOC (learning that our newest HF antenna was almost useless for 20 and 80 meters).  Participated in a SARNet test held by the National Hurricane Center ham station (unable to establish reliable contact via SARNet–other tests have been successful in accessing the system). In June meeting we reviewed contents of shelter go kits and shelter operating procedures. 331 volunteer hours.