West Central Florida Section Field Day Caravan 2019


DATE:  Saturday June 22, 2019
TIME:  Approximately 0900 – 2100 hours.
CARAVAN TEAM MEMBERS:  The WCF Field Day Caravan will consist of three teams.  These teams are:
  • Caravan Team #1:  Darrell Davis KT4WX (SM) and Christine Duez KK4KJN (SYC).  Covering Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties.
  • Caravan Team #2:  Mike Douglas W4MDD (ACC) and Steve Muller KM4VRK (OES, TS).  Covering Charlotte, Sarasota, and Manatee Counties.
  • Caravan Team #3:  Ben Henley KI4IGX (SEC, ASM) and Randy Payne K4EZM (ASM, ASEC).  Covering Desoto, Hardee, Highlands, and Polk Counties.
CARAVAN ITINERARY:  To be announced in mid June 2019.
CARAVAN TRACKING INFORMATION:  All three teams will be running APRS so everyone will know the progress of the caravan:
  • Caravan Team #1:  K4WCF -9 (RF)
  • Caravan Team #2:  K4WCF-11 (RF)
  • Caravan Team #3:  K4WCF-12 (IGATED)