Youth – Bringing in the next generation

Christine Duez KK4KJN – ARRL West Central Florida Section Youth Coordinator

62nd Annual Jamboree On The Air – October 18-20, 2019

What does Amateur Radio have for Kids and Teens? Plenty!

If you like FUN and EXCITEMENT Amateur Radio is for YOU!

ATTENTION ALL HAMS! You can help our aspiring operators.

The 62nd Annual Jamboree On The Air will be held on the weekend of Oct 18-20th. Please help our upcoming operators by providing plenty of contacts for them. Whatever mode is your favorite, there will be Scouts looking to talk with YOU!

To find registered JOTA stations in your area visit If you or your local club is planning a JOTA operation you can register it at

For additional information on planning your JOTA operations visit:

JOTA suggested frequencies
JOTA sample questions (great ideas for conversations!)

For additional information on Scouting and Amateur Radio visit:
Scouting & Amateur Radio- Ideas & Resources-
Radio Merit Badge
Girls Scouts Radio Patch
Troop Program Feature: Radio

If you know of a scout troop that is interested in learning, we have a complete set of lessons available for you.

If you are interested in starting a school club, we have printed information and videos that you can use. Please help us get the next generation started on this lifelong journey.

My email is


Be a First Responder. Suppose a hurricane hits the West Central Florida Section? When all normal communication fails, ham radio gets the message through. You could be there to help. Youth Getting Ready for Irma


The Emergency Antenna Platform System (E-APS) is a tool you can use to turn any parking lot lamp post into and instant antenna tower. This is a great place to use showcase you skills and get a huge return in success and accomplishment. Many hams enjoy antenna building. It may be your favorite part of the amateur radio experience.


Get a HEAD START on the future. Being proficient at ham radio will build your confidence, help you make sound decisions, and give you solid experience for your résumé.



Some places you might want to investigate:

The phonetic alphabet – essential for accurate and efficient communications Phonetic Alphabet

Get an amateur tech license with your own unique call sign: All about ham licenses

Here is a simple book to explain ham radio: