WCF SECTION SPECIAL BULLETIN #10 – 1930 – 09/02/19

The Florida Tri-Section ARES Net, will begin operation on Tuesday at 0800 and will run for 24 hours until the threat from Hurricane Dorian is diminished.  The Florida Tri-Section ARES Net is looking for volunteers to serve at net control and relay stations for the HF net on 3950 KHz or 7242 KHz.  By agreement between the three ARRL Florida Section, each day one ARRL Section will take it turn staffing the net control and relay time slots. Each net control time slot is two hours.  The Northern Florida Section will start the net on 9/03/19, the West Central Florida Section will provide net services on 9/04/19, and the Southern Florida Section will provide net services on 9/05/19.

The ARRL West Central Florida Section will provide Net Control operators from 0800 Wednesday 9/04/19 until 0800 Thursday, 9/05/19.  To facilitate the scheduling we have created a Google Docs spreadsheet for signup.  Operating times are broken up into two hour time slots and setup for a primary and 3 backup/relay stations.  There are some NCS slots still available and numerous relay slots.  Relay stations will be very useful to hear stations that the net control cannot hear as is often the nature of 40 Meters and 75 Meters.  Once a volunteer has entered their information they should exit the sheet so that it is not being locked by any one given person.  All net control and relay operators please use the ICS-214 & 309 forms to document their time/activities and to log any communications.  After the Florida Tri-Section ARES Net is concluded, instructions will be given as to where and how copies of the ICS214 and ICS309 are to be sent.

Link to the Google Docs Spreadsheet:  https://tinyurl.com/yyoa9yxo
Link to a PDF fillable ICS309 with instructions – Communications Log: https://www.scc-ares-races.org/MACinfo/ICSfiles/go-kit/ICS_309-SCCo-ARES-RACES_Comm_Log.pdf
Please post any questions/comments on the net or signup sheet back to Florida Tri-Section ARES for resolution.  A link to the Google Docs sign up sheet will be published on the Section website Hurricane Dorian update section.