On Thursday February 1st, 2018, Darrell Davis KT4WX appointed Mike Bresse W2YS as an Assistant Section Manager for the Special Project of the Bike MS Citrus Tour.  Bresse is the new amateur radio coordinator for the Bike MS Citrus Tour starting this year and had previously been the SAG vehicle coordinator for a number of years.  Jason Triolo KD4ACG stepped down as amateur radio coordinator after the Bike MS Citrus Tour in 2017, to concentrate on developing the Bike Marshal program.  Following the Bike MS Citrus Tour 2017, Darrell Davis KT4WX, the Section Manager for  the ARRL West Central Florida Section, in agreement with the Craig Shapiro N1MSS the logistics coordinator for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Jason Triolo KD4ACG the amateur radio communications coordinator Bike MS Citrus Tour in 2017, agreed that the West Central Florida Section would provide sponsorship of amateur radio communications for the  Bike MS Citrus Tour.  Volunteer levels had slightly declined and it was felt that with assistance of the West Central Florida Section that recruitment of new volunteers could fall under “one banner” and be given concerted effort.

Darrell Davis KT4WX, Section Manager of the West Central Florida Section made the following comments about sponsoring the Bike MS Citrus Tour: “Being that approximately 98 percent of the Bike MS Citrus Tour is in the Polk County and therefore the West Central Florida Section, it made sense for the communications group to have an official sponsoring organization and to help with recruitment of volunteers.  Everyone who has been doing all their respective assignments will continue to perform their assignments as they have been doing them with no changes.  Mike W2YS is the amateur radio coordinator and will continue in his new role as he has before and is doing a great job with the new Citrus Tour website as well.  We shall continue to welcome help from all those who have helped in the past and hopefully we will see a lot of new volunteers this year.”

The Bike MS Citrus Tour has had volunteer help for many years from counties in all three Florida Sections, with one volunteer traveling all the way from Coral Gables in Dade County.  The Bike MS Citrus Tour for 2018 will be Saturday May 5, 2018 and Sunday May 6, 2018.  New and returning volunteers are now being accepted.  If you are new you may register at the Bike MS Citrus Tour website at http://www.citrustour.org.  If you are a returning volunteer all you have to do is to login to the website with the username and password you previously used and upon login you will be asked to confirm all your contact information and preferences.

Note:  This WCF SECTION PRESS RELEASE has been edited to correct the name of the Bike MS Citrus Tour from MS Citrus Bike Tour.