We will be releasing brief biographies of our new Section Manager and our Section Cabinet members as they become available


BRIEF BIOGRAPHY – Darrell Davis KT4WX, Section Manager


Darrell had been fascinated with amateur radio since seeing old issues of QST at a used bookstore in Winter Haven, FL in 1983, when he was 14 years old.  Darrell was first licensed in May 1989, as Novice class (no longer issued) with a callsign of KC4KGN.  Darrell upgraded to Technician class in July 1989, upgrading next to Advanced class in April 1990, skipping General class.  Darrell changed callsigns to KT4WX, which was sequentially issued and is not a vanity.  Then on April 15, 2000 upgraded to Extra when the next to last license restructuring took place.

Darrell started out as an Assistant Emergency Coordinator in 1990, followed by being appointed as Emergency Coordinator from 1993 – 1998 for Polk County.  Darrell became the first Section Technical Coordinator in 2000 when the ARRL WCF Section was created, and served until 2004.  Darrell was appointed as an Assistant Section Manager January 2004.  After moving out of the Section for two years and coming back was appointed as Emergency Coordinator for Hardee County and a Technical Specialist.  Darrell was appointed an Assistant Section Manager again in February 2014.  Darrell then submitted an Application for Nomination to be the next Section Manager in June 2014.  Darrell was declared elected on September 8, 2014, being no other candidates ran for election.

Darrell’s full biography is on his website at http://www.kt4wx.org