ourage to do it yourself. Robert looked at Ned with flat, dead eyes and left without a word, his footsteps heavy as lead. Silence filled the hall. Where is the direwolf Cersei Lannister asked when her husband was gone. Beside her, Oracle Certification PrinceJoffrey was smiling. The beast is chai.ned up outside the gatehouse, Your Grace, Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer it exam Ser Barristan Selmy answeredreluctantly. Send for Ilyn Payne. No, Ned said. Jory, take the girls back to their rooms and bring me Ice. The words tasted ofbile in his throat, but he forced them out. If it must be done, I will do it. Cersei Lannister regarded him suspiciously. You, Stark Is this some trick Why would you dosuch a thing They were all staring at him, but it was Sansa Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer s look that cut. She is of the north. She deservesbetter than a butcher. He left the room with his eyes burning and his daughter s wails echoing in his ears, and found thedirewolf pup where they chained her. Ned sat beside her for a while. Lady, he said, tasting thename. He had never paid much attention to the names the children had picke.d, but looking at her now,he knew that Sansa had chosen well. She was the smallest of the litter, the prettiest, the most gentleand trusting. She looked at him with bright golden eyes, and he ruffled her thick grey fur. Shortly, Jory brought him Ice. When it was over, he said, Choose four men and have them take the

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