acting It. seems always feel that some strange style of painting. This meal ended very quickly, Zhao Shuai time to find the clock to say a few words, the effect is told that he can not be hanging Lang Lang work, to be worthy of my parents worthy of his sister s expectations of these words. Brother in law, so soon to go I ll take you to the Magento Certification Chinese restaurant and the above kTV to see more guidance. I can give pointers about what is also a Magento Certified Developer layman, you are easy to do, my company there is a big stall waiting to deal with the first to go back. Zhong success took him to the elevator. Brother in law, goodbye. Zhong Yuee also sitting in the window, eyes some empty, in the third floor overlooking the street, but do not have a taste. And Zhao Shuai is to achieve the surface of the harmony, but how can she feel more strange to each other Zhong Yue e did not go. to work in the afternoon, has been in the supervision of everyone to do the final finishing work, the day after tomorrow Magento Certified Developer it exam on trial business, she asked, the advertising business has to continue to strengthen the work, on the basis of traditional marketing, increase network marketing Strength.

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