Section Cabinet


Section Manager:  Mike Douglas W4MDD, Wauchula, Hardee County


Telephone: (863) 585-1648

The Section Manager (SM) is elected by the ARRL membership every two years.  The SM is responsible for managing the Field Organization programs in the section. The SM is not involved in League policy-making (although he may have a strong voice in such matters).  Policy making is a function reserved for the Division Director. The job of the SM is to recruit, through several subordinate program managers or coordinators (who are also volunteers), seven crucial program areas: emergency communications, message traffic, support of affiliated clubs, government liaison, support of technical activities and RFI problem solving.

Assistant Section Manager – Technology and SM Emeritus,
Technical Coordinator:  Darrell Davis KT4WX, Fort Meade, Polk County


Telephone: (863) 245-9923

The Assistant Section Manager for Technology is the webmaster for the Section website, maintains the social media outreach for the Section, and assists with the creation of WCF SECTION PRESS RELEASES and WCF SECTION SPECIAL BULLETINS.

The Technical Coordinator coordinates all technical activities within the section. Oversees and coordinates the work of the sections Technical Specialists.

Assistant Section Manager:  Jimmy Russ AB4KA, Lakeland, Polk County.


Assistant Section Manager – Administrative:  Randy Payne K4EZM, Sebring, Highlands County


Telephone: (863) 446-0913

The Assistant Section Manager for Administrative assists the Section Manager and the Section Emergency Coordinator with Administrative Assistance in various capacities.

Assistant Section Manager – National Traffic Liaison:  Doug Williams N2DW, Clearwater, Pinellas County.


Telephone: (727) 725-3345

The Assistant Section Manager as National Traffic Liaison, provides liaison service to various traffic nets from the ARRL West Central Florida whether those traffic nets be in the National Traffic System or Radio Relay International.

Assistant Section Manager – National Weather Service Liaison:  Norman Xanders WX4NEX, Lakeland, Polk County.


Telephone: (863) 262-8252

The Assistant Section Manager – National Weather Service Liasion is the liaison between the ARRL West Central Florida Section and the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Ruskin, which has jurisdiction for official weather forecasts for all of the ARRL West Central Florida Section.

Assistant Section Manager – Public Service Community Liaison:  Mike Lunsford KB4FHP, Lake Wales, Polk County.


Telephone: (863) 412-2467

The Assistant Section Manager for Public Service Community is a liaison to those in the commercial public services: Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement.

Assistant Section Manager – Publications:  Jim Weslager K3WR, Sebring, Highlands County.


Telephone: 863-333-5035

The Assistant Section Manager for Publications is the editor for all Section newsletters, publications, and works with the Section Manager on other special projects concerning publications.

Assistant Section Manager – Rural Communities Coordinator:  Chuck Johnston W4CWJ, Northeastern Sarasota County.



The Assistant Section Manager – Rural Communities Coordinator is the coordinator for amateur radio activities specifically related to emergency communications, public service communications, and youth outreach in the more rural areas of the ARRL West Central Florida Section which include Desoto, Hardee, Highlands, and the rural areas of Charlotte, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Polk, and Sarasota Counties.

Assistant Section Manager – Tampa Bay Area / SM Emeritus:  Dee Turner N4GD, Pinellas Park


Telephone: (727) 548-7474

The Assistant Section Manager for the Tampa Bay Area is a local representative of the Section Manager for Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties.

Affiliated Club Coordinator: Jim Schillings KG4JSZ, Haines City, Polk County.


Telephone: (407) 504-2629

The Affiliated Club Coordinator assists all the local clubs with their updates and matters relating to the ARRL affiliation.  This includes the ARRL Special Service Clubs.

Public Information Coordinator: Christine Duez K4KJN Lake Wales, Polk County.

The Public Information Coordinator is the section’s expert on public information and public relations matters. The PIC is responsible for organizing, training, guiding and coordinating the activities of the Public Information Officers (PIOs) within the section.


Telephone: (863) 241-1288

Section Emergency Coordinator: Bill Fetta N7CGC, Hudson, Pasco County.

The Section Emergency Coordinator of all matters pertaining to emergency communications and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) on a section wide basis.


Telephone: 907-230-5293

Section Traffic Manager: Dave Rockwell W4PXE, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County

Supervises the National Traffic System at the Section level.  He coordinates all traffic efforts within the section, regardless of frequency and or mode.  He maintains liasion with the Northern Florida and Southern Florida Section STM’s to maintain an efficient NTS System, being most of the NTS nets in Florida are state wide nets involving all three ARRL Sections.


Section Youth Coordinator: OPEN

The Section Youth Coordinator coordinates and assists radio clubs, schools, and individuals with recruitment and mentoring of young people into amateur radio.