After collecting some feedback since the first of the year and in order to improve operations, the following changes to the K4WCF 20th Anniversary Operating Event will be enacted immediately:

(1) All weekends through the year 2020, except for ARRL Field Day, will be available for activation of K4WCF by any club, ARES group, CERT group, radio group, or individual amateur radio operators.  Operations of K4WCF have to be pre-approved by the Section Manager, Darrell Davis KT4WX.

(2) Clubs or groups currently scheduled and approved to activate K4WCF for a weekend will continue to be scheduled and approved to do so.

(3) To apply to activate K4WCF for a weekend, please use the Contact Form on the Section website.  Please indicate in the application what times and frequency ranges will K4WCF will be activated.  Operation over the whole weekend is not required but at least a portion of one or both days is encouraged.

(4) All logs will be uploaded in the ARRL LoTW, as soon as they are available from an activation, to provide contact confirmation and or for QSL purposes.

As a reminder, the only criteria for activation of K4WCF, is that the proposed activation has to be conducted in the county being activated.  Activations for different bands and or modes may be held by a club or group activation at different locations, as long as they are in the same county that is being activated.  For example:  Podunk Radio Club can hold an HF activation in one location in Podunk County and another location for VHF/UHF in another location as long as that operation is inside Podunk County.  Also repeaters and satellites are permitted and encouraged, so as to get our Technician class licensees involved in this operating event.

If anyone has any further questions, please use the Contact Form on the Section website at http://arrlwcf.org/section-forms/contact-info/ to submit those questions.  For complete information on the K4WCF 20th Anniversary Operating Event please go to http://arrlwcf.org/wcf-special-events/k4wcf-20th-anniversary-operating-event-2020/.