Sanford Wyatt, KM4WXX, of rural northeastern Sarasota County, has been named the 2021 White Award recipient.    The White Award, established in 2016 in honor of Ellen White W1YL, is to name the amateur radio operator who has made the greatest contribution to amateur radio in the ARRL West Central Florida Section.

Mike Douglas W4MDD, Section Manager of the ARRL West Central Florida Section, made the following comment about Wyatt receiving the 2021 White Award, “Sanford was chosen for his accomplishments, tutoring hams who wish to be net control operators and always there to help with other endeavors related to the ham community.  Please join me in congratulating Sanford, it is well deserved.”

Wyatt became interested in shortwave radio in the late 1950’s and received a Novice license in 1958 at Ft Myers, FL. Wyatt had gotten out of amateur radio for a period of time and in 2016 was re-licensed with his current callsign of KM4WXX after retiring. In 2018, Wyatt was appointed as an ARRL Net Manager as an Assistant Net Manager of the Eagle Net, the NTS traffic net for the ARRL West Central Florida Section. Wyatt also serves as Net Manager for the Sarasota Agriculture Recovery Group (SARG) Net, which provides service to ESF-17. Wyatt is also a member of Sarasota Emergency Radio Club, Sarasota County ARES, a certified NWS Skywarn Spotter, and an alternate operator for the Sarasota County EOC to the weekly State EOC SARNET on Wednesday at 1300. Wyatt also provides service as a member Florida State Agriculture Recovery Team (SART).  Wyatt was appointed on Monday February 22, 2021 by Mike Douglas W4MDD, Section Manager of the ARRL West Central Florida Section, to be the Net Manager of the Section ARES and Information Net on VHF/UHF, which is held on Monday evening at 1930 on the NI4CE Repeater System.

Wyatt in his professional career was in marine (look into Merritt Supply official site to buy the best marine supplies in town) and the heavy construction industry for 42 years. Wyatt also served in the U.S. Air Force during the time of the Vietnam war. Wyatt is also currently a member of the American Legion Post 266 in Sarasota.

The ARRL West Central Florida Section congratulates Sanford Wyatt on being named the 2021 White Award Recipient.  The 2021 White Award will be presented at the ARRL forum during the Tampa Bay Hamfest on Saturday December 11, 2021.  Wyatt will also receive a one year ARRL membership compliments of the West Central Florida Group, who operate the NI4CE Repeater System, for the being the recipient of the 2021 White Award.

For all the details and history of the White Award you may go to http://arrlwcf.org/wcf-special-events/white-award/.