As the West Central Youth Coordinator I have been busy during January. I have 300 pieces of promotional information aimed at getting children and teens involved in amateur radio.  During February I am planning to visit clubs in the WCF district to recruit adults. Interest in “wireless devices” is high among the youth of today.  How can you help ensure that amateur radio remains strong and is passed on to the next generation?  All it takes is your knowledge, patience, and time.

Here are a few suggestions for you to use.  Do you know any children/teens that are interested?  The Youth Coordinator page has information on fun activities and test study guides to get them started.

You can approach a group, Boy or Girl Scouts are a good choice.  Tell them about the badges they can earn and the JOTA:  http://www.scouting.org/jota.aspx

If you want to work with a school, here is the procedure in Polk County. It may vary slightly in other counties, but this is a basic plan:

  1. Fill out a volunteer form at the school of your choice
  2. Be fingerprinted and approved before the school will allow you to work with their students
  3. Obtain a school sponsor who will attend all meetings.

Start with #3. Who would be a good choice for the school sponsor? I would suggest a science or math teacher. You can also talk with the Honor Society sponsors, the JROTC/ROTC programs or the STEM program teachers.  They can give you information about specific requirements for starting a club or program at their school. You can also offer community service hours for field days. Most high schools require students to do community service to graduate.  Ask to post a few posters in the schools and invite students to visit your meetings or a field day.

Ham radio is great for kids with physical challenges too. It affords them a level field with the other students.  If you know someone who could benefit from special accommodations, check out this site: http://www.handiham.org/drupal2/.

KI4VOS is working on a PowerPoint presentation for schools and KI4FDR is working on a presentation for students that might need special accommodations.  If you have any ideas or are interested in working with children/teens contact me at KK4KJN@arrl.net. I will be happy provide any support or assistance possible.

73, Christine – KK4KJN