ng. Did he think to take them unawares while they slept Small chance of that whatever else might be said of him, Tywin Lannister was no man s fool. The van was massing on the left. He saw the standard first, three black dogs on a yellow field. SerGregor sat beneath CPBA it, mounted on the biggest horse Tyrion had ever seen. Bronn took one look at himand grinned. Always follow a big man into battle. Tyrion threw him a hard look. And why is that They.make such splendid targets. That one, he ll draw the eyes of every bowman on the field. Laughing, Tyrion regarded the Mountain with fresh eyes. I confess, I had not considered it in thatlight. Clegane had no splendor about him his armor was steel plate, dull grey, Pegasystems Certification scarred by hard use andshowing neither sigil nor ornament. He was pointing men into position with his blade, a two handedgreatsword that Ser Gregor waved about with one hand as a lesser man might wave a dagger. Anyman runs, I ll cut him down myself, he CPBA it exam was roaring when he caught sight of Tyrion. Imp Take theleft. Hold the river. If you can. The left of the left. To turn their flank, the Starks would need horses that could run on water. Tyrion led his men toward the riverbank. Look, he shouted.pointing with his axe. The river. Ablanket of pale mist still clung to the surface of the water, the murky green current swirling pastunderneath. The shallows were muddy and choked with reeds. That river is ours. Whatever happens,keep close to the

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PEGACPBA71V1 Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 71V1 Pegasystems CPBA